The clinical research environment is fast paced and offers the novice programmer the opportunity for acquiring pharmaceutical experience in different therapeutic areas. An employee or consultant who shows talent, motivation, and productivity in this arena will have a strong basis to continue a consulting career in our company.

We offer flexibility in format and scheduling than working for a corporate office. Our flextime, means anytime, anywhere as long as you participate in clients meetings, respond to emails or client's request and meet deadlines.

For those who prefer a technical career track, we provide greater advancement potential than the traditional corporation, since our main focus is our 'technical services'.

Who are RA eClinica Staff?

We offer opportunities to a diverse group of potential members to our 'employee-owned' philosophy. A graduate with only academic background may start as a apprentice or intern to gain invaluable pharmaceutical and technical experience.

We have consultants with several years "contracting" experience under our belt whose main product is our 'consulting skills'.

with Globalization an important trend in the modern pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and companies located in the United States and Europe wishing to gain regulatory approval companies for sale of their products in other countries, our well-positioned offices abroad further the global aspirations of the major pharmaceutical players.

So whether do you want to be On-Site, Off-Site, or at a Home Office, we have a place for you!

RA eClinica is a established consultancy company for all essential aspects of statistics, clinical data management and EDC solutions. Our services are targeted to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, health insurers and medical devices.

The company is headquarter in Panama City and representation offices with business partners in the United States, India and the European Union. For discussion about our services and how you can benefit from our SMEs and cost-effective implementation CDISC SDTM clinical data click here.

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